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Corporate name Sanmei Works Co., Ltd.
Address Head office / Factory
TEL : +81-568-34-8818 FAX : +81-568-34-3558
Foundation June 1952
Establishment May 1964
Capital 10,000,000 yen
President Mitsuo Taniguchi


June 1952 Sanmei Works was established in Nagoya City by our predecessor, Hideo Taniguchi. The manufacture and sales of screw manufacturing related machines, including rolling panels and splitters were started.
July 1963 Manufacture and sales of the flat die type rolling machine was started in addition to the conventional production machines such as the 2D processing machine.
May 1964 Company was renamed Sanmei Works, Co., Ltd.
June 1967 Due to space limitations at Nagoya Factory, built new manufacturing factory at Rokkenya-cho, Kasugai City. Expanded facilities to include large tool machines, etc.
January 1971 Designed washer combination machine, our long-seller machine.
December 1975 Relocated headquarters from Nagoya City to Kasugai City.
December 1979 Completed first stage of factory expansion, and introduced first machining center.
February 1981 Completely remodeled the high-speed rolling machine (THI-6R, 10R), our key sales machine.
January 1984 Completely remodeled the small high-speed rolling machine (THI-4R).
August 1984 Completed second stage of factory expansion, increasing size to two factory buildings.
October 1985 Made improvements to the large powerful rolling machine (THI-18R, 20R) and started exports and sales within Japan.
December 1985 The small screw high-speed type model was added to our conventional washer assemble machine lineup.
June 1986 Established Tokyo Sales Office in Kanagawa Prefecture as our sales base in the Kanto District.
June 1989 Completed third stage of factory expansion. With a total of three production factories, including one new factory building, increased facilities to include CNC lathe and advanced NC processing machine. Production factories equipped with air-conditioning.
August 1989 Completed construction of new headquarters offices. Management system reinforced with advanced OA and CAD facilities, and full-scale operations started to increase production volume and reduce costs.
April 1992 Completely remolded the lubrication oil circulation type high-speed rolling machine (THI-R875).
October 1996 Entered into dealership agreement with TRUFORM Tool & Equipment, Inc. (USA)
March 1998 Entered into dealership agreement with NEDSCHROEF HERENTALS N.V. (Belgium).
October 1999 Started sales of high-speed, high-performance machine (THI-R2000).
April 2001 Jointly established NEDSCHROEF JAPAN.
April 2003 Incorporated large 5-face processing machine.
July 2008 Started sales of large rolling machine THI-16R
February 2010 Entered into dealership agreement with JANAKSONS, a local company in India.
April 2010 Mitsuo Taniguchi assumed position of president.
April 2011 Started sales of rolling die DIOS for high-tension bolt
July 2011 Started sales of THI-10R EVOLUTION, a completely remodeled version of our high-speed rolling machine THI-10R
September 2012 Celebrated 60th anniversary.
February 2014 Started sales of THI-12R EVOLUTION, a completely remodeled version of our large rolling machine THI-12R
April 2014 Entered into a dealership agreement with Jiashan MDS Engineering Hardware Co., Ltd., a local trading house in China.
August 2016 Patent for 2STEP FORM, a thread rolling die forming shape, was approved.
July 2017 Developed and started sales of curve correcting machine THI-PS20.
July 2019 Started sales of THI-8R EVOLUTION, a complete model change of the high-speed rolling machine THI-R875.
June 2021 Developed and started sales of THI-ALEX, a form rolling machine with servomotor.
August 2022 Completely relocated head office and factory.
September 2022 Celebrated our 70th anniversary.


146-8, OKUTE, KUROHOKO-CHO, KASUGAI-CITY, AICHI-PREF., JAPAN 486-0907 TEL : +81-568-34-8818 FAX : +81-568-34-3558

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